Service at Ray Willis

Service Department

The service department should always be the heart of a real bike shop. Ray Willis Toys and Bikes  employs some of the finest mechanics in the region. Only top quality parts, lubes and components are used. That means only stainless steel cables, top quality bearings, Teflon grease and name brand replacement parts will be used. We do it the right way and give you top quality service for your patronage. Guaranteed work, great prices and in most cases, a one-day turn around.

We stay at the forefront of technology by continually bringing in the latest products.  We carry a full line of accessories to meet all of your recreational and sporting needs.... if we don't have something you want, let us know, and we will help you find it.

If you have a special order, or not quite sure what you need, use our email contact form or call us at 401-596-1045   ask for John, Mike or Sue and we will be glad to get back to you promptly.

How to Fix a Flat Tire

Flats happen. If you feel and hear that fateful pop, don’t panic. Even if you’re on the go and already running late to work, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to fixing your flats and getting back on your way fast.

Our Location

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